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Jonathan reveals the story of hiim being a member of the orchestra in his high school. He played the violin.

The client is Sean, he's an introverted singer/songwriter/pianist who only lets out his personality while on stage behind the piano. He was nominated by his godmother Lulu. He was homeschooled online for high school.

Sean needs the Fab Five's help to bring out his confidence and help him connect with people his age. The Fab Five interrupt his performance to steal him away; Lulu comes along to show them the route.

Sean doesn't know pop culture or any current musical artists. His inspirations are all musicians from the past.

The Fab Five are shocked at the style of Sean's room and clothing. Nothing suits an 18 year old.

Tan wants to evolve Sean's style so that he doesn't have to rely on having his name on the back of his jacket.

Karamo finds Sean's business cards, original music, and the scholarship for college.

Sean is out of touch with his cooking, grooming, and pop culture references.

Bobby is emotional about the fact that Lulu adopted Sean as his godmother and helped raise him. Sean is going to move out when he goes to school, so he needs to be ready to be his own man.

Karamo wants to get Sean around people his own age.

Sean takes the Fab Five to his new apartment. They want to fix it up and get it ready for him.

Tan gives Tan brighter shirts so that it makes him look fun and fresh.

Sean tells Karamo that he likes lasers and playing with them. Karamo doesn't know how to react; he keeps pushing to get more interests out of Sean.

Bobby and Karamo take Sean paintballing to open him open. They push him to start talking with random strangers around his age.

Bobby and Lulu paint Sean's new apartment.

Antoni hosts a cooking class for teenagers so that Sean can meet other teenagers.

Jonathan gives Sean a fresh makeover.

The Fab Five invite Lulu down to Sean's updated apartment first to get her stamp of approvel. She loves it so much! She's emotional for everything they've done for her godson.

Sean loves his new apartment.  The place is more mature and it looks industrial. He's smiling a lot at his new place.

Tan gives Sean his new wardrobe and makes him look his own age.

The Fab Five watch Sean from the loft interact with peopleat his performance. He is happier than he's ever been.

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Queer Eye Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Antoni: Tell me about some of your musical icons.
Sean: I like to listen to Rod Stewart, Bruce Hornsby.
Karamo: Is there any younger artist you like?
Sean: Umm...
[Cut to confessional]
Karamo: Oh , come on! You don’t know Rihanna? You don’t know Beyonce? You odn’t know Lady Gaga? What 18 year old doesn’t know pop culture?!
[Cut to car]
Sean: Are you gonna get mad if I say Elton John?
All: No!
Jonathan: He’s like our dad almost. Like, he almost like birthed us.

I really wanna take Sean from like a pre-pubescent Justin Bieber into like a world tour-purpose Biebs, except for one that didn’t get canceled and break everyone’s heart.