Rake Season 1

"Hey, Good Looking"

When the mayor is murdered, Keegan finds he is a prime suspect on Rake.

"Staple Holes"

Ben hires Keegan who manages to win his first case but doesn't get the reaction from the partners he had expected on Rake.

"Jury Tamperer"

Keegan and Maddy try to handle a new problem with their son on Rake.


A mother and son both confess to the same murder to protect one another and Keegan has to deal with the fallout from the school auction on Rake.


Keegan thinks he convince a jury that a chef's bigamy wasn't really a crime until news breaks of his other romantic relationships on Rake.


Keegan is asked to take over the case of a man who is accused of murdering and eating his victims on Rake.


Keegan defends a mom who claimed her son had cancer to commit insurance fraud to fund her gambling habit on Rake.

"A Close Shave"

When three Amish bakers are accused of murder, Keegan takes them on as a client on Rake.

"Serial Killer"

Keegan takes on a new client on the series premiere of Rake. The guy is an admitted killer.

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