The Last Supper - Ratched
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One month has passed and Mildred returns to a changed hospital. 

Governor Wilburn has brought back the electric chair and sets one man on fire with it. 

Edmund is earmarked for death, so Mildred gets scheming. 

She asks Bucket if she can help her kill Edmund humanely. 

Bucket offers to do the deed for her. 

Charlotte returns to the hospital, posing as Dr. Hanover and shoots Huck dead. 

She takes Edmund on the run with her. 

Three years later, Bucket arrives in Mexico to meet Gwendolyn and Ratched. 

Mildred goes back to the apartment to get a book, but is cornered by Charlotte and Edmund.

She gets stabbed and wakes up. 

When she wakes up she goes for lunch with Gwendolyn and Bucket, but gets a phone call from Edmund. 

He killed seven nurses in a tribute for her, but before he warns her, she says she's coming for him. 

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Ratched Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I don’t feel quite free from the past the way you might.


May God have mercy on you. Cause I ain’t gonna.