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Sock, Sam and Ben move into a condo together.  The guys meets their new neighbors, who invite them over for a home-cooked meal.  Their neighbors turn out to be demons and they try to avoid them.  Sam then tries to capture the lost soul without the Devil's help.

Meanwhile, Cady and Sam decided to take a break from each other after Andi confronts Sam about Cady.  Sam also still thinks that Cady might be the Devil's daughter.

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Reaper Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Sock [to Sam]: Okay, I didn't wanna play this card. I really didn't but leave me no choice. The fact of the matter is you owe me. I've been there since the beginning, helping you to send escaped souls back to Hell, man. I've been the freaking Robin to your Batman.
Ben: What does that make me?
Sock: You're the weird English butler-guy. This is my new Batcave. I deserve a Batcave

Sam: You should hear the way she snores. Seriously, it's not normal. It's like she's a creature from the underworld.
Sock: Oh god, I love that movie, Kate Beckinsale, black spandex.
Sam: There's something wrong with her.
Sock: What?! Kate Beckinsale is perfection, what's wrong with you??