"The Home Stretch"

Sam continues his search for Alan who he thinks can get him out of his contract with the Devil.

"The Good Soil"

Morgan offers to pay Sam to catch the latest soul, a kid who was killed while coveting his neighbor.


A lost soul takes over a silver mine in a small town, Dove Hollow, that Sam and the gang must take a trip to.

"I Want My Baby Back"

Sam seeks help when a lost soul disappears and leaves her baby behind; Andi finally learns that Sam is the Devil's son

"The Favorite"

Sam meets his half-brother Morgan (Arnie Hammer) and much capture a soul who's collecting all his old material possessions.

"The Sweet Science"

Sam must capture a boxer as the latest lost soul; Andi becomes manager; and Ben is now dating the demon, Nina.

"Dirty Sexy Mongol"

The guys must capture a Mongolian as the latest lost soul. As Sam searches for Alan get gets attacked by two demons, one of which likes Ben.

"Episode IV: A New Hope"

Sam and the boys return from a road trip to find they've been fired and evicted from the apartment. The Devil returns with the insane task of capturing twenty lost souls.


In the season finale, the demons target Sam when they figure out they might not be able to stop the Devil, but will be able to capture his Sam (who they think is his son). Sock ends up falling for a female demon, a succubus.

"The Leak"

After Sam turns in a soul that keeps returning to Earth, the Devil tells him there's a leak in Hell and he needs to find out who's responsible. Ben and his new wife, Sara, fail their interview with the Immigration officer.

Reaper Quotes

Hey, no shame in community college, K-Fed. I almost went


Sam [about the vessels]: Wait. So, they're not all little vacuums?
DMV Demon: The boss gives you the vessel he thinks you can handle. You must be a real moron