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Terry shows Lee Ann the million dollars and ask her to run away with him. She says it's not just about the money. She wants to win her lawsuit. 

Preston finds out the department hasn't been investigating Arliss' disappearance so he has the car dusted for prints which leads him to Jasper Taggert. 

The powers that be pull their support from Knox's mayoral campaign. Dec sets it up so that they come to him and ask him to fill the spot.

Roy meets Shelby at the hospital when his daughter has a broken leg and must have surgery. 

Juror #8 is Nicolette Graham who has been planted by the Chief of Police to sway the jury in the favor of the Charleston PD.

Jamie questions Ronnie Porter, a police officer currently in a mental hospital. He says Lee Anne and he had an affair and she had him steal drugs for her like GHB from evidence. He claims that Lee Anne manipulated him for her own gains and then moved on to Terry McCandless. 

Lee Anne meets with Dec in a church. They set up this lawsuit together from the beginning.

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Reckless Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Are those heels so high you're being deprived of oxygen Ms. Sawyer?


I know the two of you have eyes for one another. You'd have to be blind as a mole rat not to see it but my courtroom will not be a place for you to engage in foreplay.