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Jamie confronts Lee Anne who admits this was a set up but due to attorney / client privilege, Jamie can't say a word.

Jamie tries to give Roy a heads up about Ronnie Porter but when Roy puts Porter on the stand, he recants and backs Lee Anne.

Roy realizes that juror #8 was planted by the Chief of Police and confronts him. He forces the juror to excuse herself or Roy will turn them both in. 

Dec swears he didn't release the sex tape. Lee Anne tells him if she finds out otherwise he will pay.

Terry talks to Ronnie and realizes that Lee Anne has been playing him all along. He tell her it's over. She says it's far from it.

Roy tells Jamie that when the case is over, he will come to her place for a date at 8:15pm. She agrees.

The jury comes back and awards Lee Anne $6.7 million dollars. Everyone is shocked. 

Shelby tells Roy that she and her fiance broke up. She asks Roy for a second chance. Roy almost doesn't go to Jamie because he wants to do the right thing. Then he decides the right thing is to be with the woman he loves and ends up on her doorstep.

Just as Roy and Jamie begin to make love, Roy gets a phone call. It's Shelby calling to tell him that Dec has been shot.


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Reckless Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I know you Lee Anne. I know you're better than this.


If anybody knows how you like it rough, it's me.