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-Mary is being stalked by the pagans of Bloodwood, who mark her as their next sacrifice if Bash does not choose a replacement.

-A pagan necklace is left in her bed, and later, a bloody stag's head is hung from her ceiling overnight--all to symbolize that she is their target.

-Kenna becomes King Henry's official mistress, and even gets to re-decorate the royal bedroom.

-But Henry still has feelings for Diane.

-Mary and Queen Catherine interrogate the staff to try to find the pagans, or anyone with knowledge of the stalkings, but no one comes forward.

-Bash decides that the only way to keep Mary safe is to enter the Bloodwood with a thief from the castle's jail.

-Bash ties the thief up to look like he is about to sacrifice him as the pagans had asked him to--but when the pagan priest comes forward, Bash kills him instead.

-As Bash and the thief ride home, the thief implies that Bash might have been a pagan as well, and Bash pushes him over a cliff in anger--presumably to his death.

-When Bash returns home, Francis declares that, until their marriage is finalized, he and Mary may be with others.

-Soon after this declaration, Francis goes to Olivia's quarters and kisses her passionately.

-Mary is menaced by a hand-maid with a knife, who is revealed to be one of the pagans in the castle, along with one of Queen Catherine's guards.

-Both are burned at the stake on the castle lawn.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Diane: I don't care what you learn, as long as you don't forget.
King Henry: Not with you to remind me.

We have positioned ourselves for the worst kind of pain.


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Luke sital singh bottled up tight Bottled Up Tight Luke Sital-Singh iTunes
The joy formidable silent treatment william orbit mix Silent Treatment (William Orbit Mix) The Joy Formidable iTunes
Emiliana torrini tookah Tookah Emiliana Torrini iTunes