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Mary learns that Elizabeth was displeased to learn of her cousin's trip to the Vatican in order to raise an army to take back her country. Mary tells the English ambassador that the Vatican denied her request, leaving her penniless and countryless with no real allies to help Scotland. 

Once inside the castle, Mary confesses to Catherine that she lied to Gideon. The Vatican are sending troops to help her take Scotland back from the Protestants. Catherine then encourages her to take Gideon as her lover if she chooses but not to trust him.

In England, Elizabeth announces her plan to name Mary as her successor to the English throne provided Mary agrees to let Elizabeth choose her next husband. Narcisses brings proof to Catherine that he didn't frame her for poisoning Francis and she requests an audience with Cardinal Morel.

Christophe surprises Catherine in her chambers angry over her decision to send him away on a wolf hunt. He admits it would be impossible for him to stop killing. Mary visits Greer and asks her to return to Scotland. Greer asks Mary to wait until summer, but Mary tells her that's impossible because of the small window of opportunity for their strike.

Archbishop Ridolfi, Mary's contact in the Vatican, tells her of Elizabeth's proposal and orders her to accept it. Bash tells Catherine to stop using him to clean up her personal affairs and she introduces Charles to a troupe of performers. Mary asks Catherine for an audience and together they determine that the Vatican is using Mary as a pawn. Their plan is to assassinate Elizabeth and then Mary so they can put a male on the throne.

Elizabeth takes Lola on a tour of the countryside as a cover for visiting her lover, Robert Dudley. When she exits his townhouse, she witnesses his townhouse being approached by a band of nobles. Dudley agrees to a duel, with pistols. Dudley wins.

At French court, Catherine and her family watch the play while Mary entertains a visit from Gideon. He brings news of Elizabeth's proposal and encourages Mary not to accept. The play is interrupted by a masked man who warns of the rising of 13 red knights. The experience scares Catherine and she blames Narcisse.

Gideon learns that Mary might have double-crossed them. His servant and a fellow-spy threatens Agatha in order to keep Gideon in line.

Dudley and Elizabeth argue over his desire to return to court. He wants to redeem himself. She doesn't think it's possible.

Gideon finds Mary in his quarters where she confesses that she lied to him. She seeks his counsel and asks him to play both sides for her so that they can save Elizabeth's life and Mary's claim to Scotland's throne. In order to keep his plan and relationship with Mary safe, Gideon kills his servant.

Bash confronts Catherine about the 13 red knights and her complicity in having them killed so long ago. He believes a threat may be on the horizon for their country. 

Elizabeth reappoints Dudley to to French court and names him Mary's future husband, sending him to France to woo her. She believes it will be the only way he is allowed to live.

Christophe returns to court and Catherine is visited by the 13 red knights.


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Reign Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

I know we've not yet discussed personal matters, but I will tell you something about my husband. I receive a letter from him nearly every day, and I haven't read one. They remain unopened in a pile because he lied to me and I deplore him. Even so, without him the nights are long and lonely. I can't imagine what they must be like without the man you truly love.

Lola [to Elizabeth]

Lola: Despite your heartbreak, I must warn you, I show no mercy.
Elizabeth: Lady Lola, I expect no less.