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On this week's episode of Rescue Me...

Tommy, Lou, Needles, and Feinberg visit Ground Zero and discuss memorializing those who died that day.

Tommy ends up finding a letter Jimmy wrote to Sheila in case he died and reads it. That and his conversation with Feinberg entice him to write his own set of letters to those around him about his thoughts and feelings towards them.

Lou tells Tommy to cut it out with his 9/11 drama and informs him that he's not the only one with a hole inside him. In fact, it's really all of the firefighters who were apart of that day, Lou included. It's not all about Tommy.

Tommy thinks about driving into the construction site at Ground Zero but has a vision of 9/11 and the chaos and turmoil of that day. Instead, he hands his booze off to a homeless man and drives off.

Meanwhile, Sean uses the crew's advice on how to deal with Emily's smell by using a gas mask. Also, Needles grants Franco a five day test run as a Lieutenant to allow him to see what Lou does on a regular basis.

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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

The sex you don't remember, the see through shirt, and the moonlight, but somewhere in that dark, dense, tangled, mangled of a shit storm you dare to call a brain, you remember the letter. Right? Because it pertains to you and what you need right now!


You can't memorialize somebody by plastering their name up on a wall of concrete and steel. You do it by talking about their deeds. You have to remember their faces, their spirit. You have to remember the firefighters on the morning of 9/11 and what they did before they went downtown.