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On the season premiere of Rescue Me...

Tommy continues to help Shelia out with Damien.

He confronts Janet about her pregnancy and the two decide to have the baby.

Five months later, and Tommy has become a family man to both Sheila and Janet. He seems to have turned a new leaf.

Mickey and Teddy now own the bar and Colleen and fellow recovering alcoholics work there.

Shawn finally gathers the courage to propose to Colleen. She says yes, but it drives her to drink.

Tommy arrives at the bar, where Colleen has passed out. He sees his brother, his father, and Jimmy. Instead of drinking with them, he spits out his drink.

He takes a shotgun and shoots up the bar.

Rescue Me
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Rescue Me Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

She needs love and support and tenderness. Not a walking hard on with a fire helmet.


You know this show is racist, man. It makes Italians look like we're all a bunch of stupid idiots with perfectly chiseled bodies, fake tans, and gay haircuts. (beat) I don't have a gay haircut, guys.