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-Declan sees Charlotte popping pills with Adam at school and he tells school officials she has drugs in her locker.

-Charlotte threatens to have the Graysons pull his tuition but Nolan steps in and pays for it.

-Charlotte shows Emily a photo of David she found hidden in Victoria's jewelry box. it was taken the day he died and he's writing in a journal Emily never received.

-Emily confronts Nolan and finds out he kept the journal hidden because he thought David was paranoid. Emily finds out the Nolan's aunt believed David and saw the one man who may have had the proof to clear him.

-Jack tells Daniel that he was on the beach and the hoodie found in Lee Moran's possession was his. 

-Daniel confronts Conrad and he confesses everything, including that he framed David. Emily overhears everything through the bug she planted in Conrad's office. Daniel chooses to protect his father.

-Ashley quits her job with Victoria but Victoria lets her new boss know about Ashley's betrayal and he rescinds the job offer. Conrad hires Ashley at Grayson enterprises telling her that he likes that she's willing to get her hands dirty.

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