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-Frank tracks down the real Emily Thorne. Emily and Amanda were roommates in juvenile hall. Later they switched identities with the help of the warden.

-in order to keep their secret, the original Emily hits Frank in the head with a tire iron and leaves him for dead but not before he calls Victoria and tells her the Emily Thorne is not who she appears to be.

-Emily asks Nolan to dig up dirt on Tyler. Tyler is broke and his gay lover has a restraining order against him. Tyler tries to seduce Nolan and they end up in bed.  Nolan tells Emily he's laying a trap.

-Conrad and Victoria have a huge fight at their 25th Anniversary party.  Victoria kicks Conrad out and he heads to Lydia's bedside as she begins to wake up.

-Declan blows up at Emily for stringing Jack along.  Charlotte loves that he speaks his mind, even if it is at her parents' party.

-Emily tells Daniel that she loves him.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tyler: How was your swim?
Daniel: Rough. This one's part dolphin.

I'm going to redeem myself with you Victoria or I'm going to die trying.