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-Mason (Leo) Treadwell comes to town hawking the book he wrote about David Clarke. 

-Treadwell had interviewed Amanda as a girl and promised he'd uncover the truth only to be bought by Victoria. His book convinced Amanda her father was guilty.

-Victoria has him reinterview the new Amanda but Emily feeds Amanda the information she needs to intimidate the author. Treadwell considers coming clean until Victoria threatens him.

-Emily breaks into Treadwell's home, steals his old interview tapes, then burns the place to the ground with the only copy of his precious new memoir inside. Treadwell is devastated.

-Victoria pushes Daniel to ask Conrad to release his shares of the company that are held in trust so she can use them as leverage during the divorce. Conrad releases the savings but adds a codicil that the company shares won't be released until Daniel turns 30 or marries.

-Daniel decides it's a sign he should marry Emily. Victoria is horrified.

-Emily watches the tapes of Treadwell's interviews with her father. On them David Clarke says that Charlotte Grayson is really his daughter, not Conrad's.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I share a last name with the CEO. You'd think I'd have less to prove, not more.


Infamy can be a sentence more damning than any prison term.