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On Revenge Season 4 Episode 8, Victoria's life hangs in the balance after she was electrocuted during Emily's identity reveal. David tells Emily to call 911, but she doesn't. He revives Victoria and Emily leaves, feeling betrayed.

She asks why he did nothing to help her and instead of answering, he gets into the ambulance with Victoria.

Daniel goes after Margaux and after begging for her forgiveness, Margaux tells him she's in love with him. She meets Louise on the street and confronts the southern belle about her murderous ways. 

Jack finds Nolan at the yacht club and tells him that the FBI is looking into Conrad's death. Nolan reveals that Charlotte killed the man in the apartment and Emily planted the knife when she covered up the man's death. Jack gets called in on the FBI case looking into Conrad's death, and Ben is angry to have been left out. 

While Nolan hacks into the hospital, Emily trains in the other room. He learns that Victoria's heart rhythm is irregular but she's still alive. Nolan suggests she talk to her father while Victoria is out cold. She goes to the hospital and learns that Victoria will recover. While Emily confronts David about the pictures found in the safe, Victoria makes herself flatline to regain David's attention.

FBI agent Kate Taylor shows up at the hospital to ask David questions about Conrad Grayson's murder. Jack comes in and finds Emily at the hospital. She tells him that David knows the truth. When she talks to David later, their conversation ends abruptly when he tells her he never wanted her help.

Louise takes flowers to Victoria in the hospital and while there she hallucinates her mother again and comes up with the plan to get pregnant and tell Daniel it's his baby. Using Margaux's stationery, Louise tries to get Daniel to sleep with her again. He forces her to leave.

Margaux goes to Nolan looking for help hacking into Louise's locked criminal record. He doesn't believe she's a psychopath and refuses to help Nolan after Margaux allowed David to burn him on live television.

Daniel walks the beach guilty over not visiting Victoria and sees Emily crying on the porch and stops to talk. He encourages her not to give up on David Clarke and to make the work she did mean something.

When she wakes up, Victoria confirms that she knew Emily was Amanda and that she and Emily are sworn enemies. Later when two men attack David in the hospital, Emily fights them off and then disappears. Afterward, David tells her one of Conrad's enemies helped him escape.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Emily: I punished your enemies! I cleared your name!
David: I never asked for your help!

David: Who are you?
Emily: A daughter who would do anything at all to protect her father.