Onira Tech - Reverie
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Mara confronts Ray in Reverie. Alexis arrives home, where her mother has erected a shrine to her. The program re-creates the scene of the crime for Mara and Ray. Jamie was leaving Ray and taking Brynn. Alexis can't enjoy her 25th birthday because Dylan isn't represented in any way. Her parents explained that they didn't want her to feel guilty about Dylan's death. Oliver abducts Alexis. Ray tells Mara that it wasn't her fault that he tried to kill himself, because he wanted to die. When Alexis comes back from Reverie, Paul tells her Alexis is missing. Dylan found surveillance showing Oliver near Alexis's home. Oliver has forced Alexis into Reverie and locked her in. Mara goes in after Alexis. Paul thinks Oliver is trying to overheat the servers and crash the Reverie program. Mara finds herself in the hallway of a school. Charlie calls in Monica to help with the search. Mara finds Alexis's room. Alexis has Mara imagine unlocking the door with the knob from a lamp, and it works. During the chaos Oliver has caused, he sneaks into Onira-Tech. He locks down the server room. Oliver has avatars of Alexis's parents blame her for Dylan's death. Charlie and Monica find Alexis's body at Oliver's cabin. Alexis and Mara emerge into a scene representing Alexis's worst fear, a world of Reverie zombies. Oliver is planning to burn down Onira-Tech with thermite. Mara tries to talk down Oliver. Charlie shoots Oliver, but Oliver still lights the thermite. Then he escapes into Reverie. Firefighters contain the damage. Reverie is running again in three weeks. Mara takes Ray back into Reverie and brings a photo of Jamie and Brynn. Then Ray flatlines. Dylan died when he fell off a trellis into a greenhouse. Paul finds a psycho version of Mara in Reverie.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Alexis: Mom, you have to stop.
Alexis's mother: I'm going to put [articles about Alexis] in the stairwell next.

Ray: Then why are you here?
Mara: I want to understand!