Personal Tragedy - Reverie
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A distraught Mara recounts her last couple of days for the Onira-Tech team. Charlie takes a call for Mara, and it's about Oliver being hospitalized. Hospital staff called her because Oliver had written "Deliver to Mara Kint" on his torso. Charlie gets Oliver moved to Onira-Tech. Charlie knows somebody at Onira-Tech stole a BCI for Oliver. The guard Oliver paid off is tasked with watching him. Charlie cautions Alexis to stay away from Oliver. Mara decides to go into Reverie to consult with Oliver. Oliver offers to help Mara in exchange for her getting Alexis to meet him in Reverie. He tells Mara she needs to have her BCI removed then leave Onira-Tech. Over the objections of Paul and Alexis, Mara insists on having the BCI removed. Alexis goes into Reverie to talk with Oliver. Paul thinks Mara's derealizations have some connection to her buried memory. Oliver's guard goes to Alexis's office and steals a security key. Oliver has recreated Paris and Dylan as birthday gifts for Alexis. Oliver wants Alexis to kick out Charlie and bring him back into Onira-Tech. Mara tells Paul about the day Jamie and Brynn were killed by Ray. Charlie tells Mara the real story of what happened that day. Mara accidentally called instead of texting Charlie, and his voicemail recorded everything after that. Ray said, "It wasn't supposed to happen like this." Then Mara talked Ray into shooting himself. Mara runs off to a bar and gets drunk. After the guard turns over the security key to Oliver, Oliver shoots him. Alexis goes to her parents' house for her birthday, and Oliver tails her. Mara recruits Paul's help so she can enter Ray's comatose mind.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Paul: We're going to work this out.
Mara: Don't you tell me that everything is going to be OK. Because I did everything you said, I did everything you said would make me OK, and I'm not. I don't even know if any of you are real.

Tell me what happened.

Charlie [to Mara]