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With Monroe out of the picture, Neville gains access to The Tower trying to stop Rachel before she can turn back the power. Rachel, Aaron, Charlie, and Nora work to get to Level 12 as well, but Nora is injured by one of the level 12 dwellers. Aaron and Rachel continue ahead, but Nora and Charlie wait. Miles eventually shows up tries to help them, but Nora dies in his arms.


Aaron and Rachel are reunited with Charlie and Miles, and they gain access to level 12. The Tower is built on Aaron's code and he uses his backdoor to turn the power back on. Flynn locks himself in a command center and launches two nukes at Philadelphia and Georgia and then kills himself. The episode ends with the President's Secret Service telling him that Flynn was successful.

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Rachel: Randall, what are you saying?
Flynn: I'm a patriot Rachel.

You think I give two craps about Monroe?