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-Andrew plans to take Bridget away on vacation.  Olivia is upset he won't stay and try to get Gemma's rich father's business.

-Bridget visits Siobhan's therapist and finds out she was on medication for paranoia. The therapist's notes say Siobhan thought she was being stalked.

-Bridget gives Charlie the gun she's been hiding and asks him to dispose of it. He calls Siobhan to let her know.

-Gemma is alive and Charlie is holding her hostage in his basement in Brooklyn. 

-Malcolm realizes that Charlie isn't who he says he is. He finds proof that he is actually John Delario and tells Bridget.

-Malcolm breaks into Charlie/John's place in Brooklyn and just misses finding Gemma when Charlie comes back.

-Olivia visits Henry and tries to get his father in law's number from his cell phone when she stumbles across a compromising picture of him and Siobhan. She e-mails the photo from his phone.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

What if doing the right thing costs us everything?


It wouldn't be rehab without a eight cup a day habit.