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-In flashbacks, the real Siobhan confronts Andrew about the Ponzi scheme and he threatens to kill her.

-Malcolm has disappeared. Agent Machado searches for him and finds out that Tyler had an immunity agreement with the SEC before he died.

-Siobhan tells Henry the truth. That Andrew hired a hit man to kill her and she set up Bridget to be killed in her place because she hates Bridget for her role in Sean's death.

-Solomon tells Bridget he knows she's not Siobhan but he will continue to help her.

-The real Siobhan pretends to be Bridget and tells Andrew she doesn't love him any more and he and his partner belong in prison.

-Juliet realizes that her mother hired Cash, the guy who beat Tessa into a coma. Juliet runs to Bridget but Bridget gets a text from Malcolm and has to leave.

-Bridget and Solomon go to the loft to look for Malcolm. Andrew arrives. Bridget accuses him of trying to kill her. He says Juliet told him she came her looking for Malcolm. He came to say that he loves her and he wants to work things out . Just then a mystery man opens fire.

-Andrew jumps in front of Bridget and is shot. Solomon fires at the shooter but he gets away. Agent Machado arrives and calls 911.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Its a little break in the education system. I like to call it Saturday.


I told you they would kill to keep their secret.