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-Andrew is rushed to the hospital and into surgery. He survives his bullet wound. Henry worries that Siobhan ordered the hit on her sister. She swears she didn't and plans to tell Andrew the truth.

-Henry stops her before she can confess. He explains that Tyler died when he fell and hit his head while he and Henry were fighting. He gave the thumb drive to his father-in-law to convince him to take his money out of Martin Charles.

-The hit man drops a tarot card, The Tower, before getting away. Agent Machado tracks it to a dry cleaning store.

-Andrew wants to send Juliet back to Miami with her mother to keep her safe but she disappears before they get to the airport.

-Bridget figures out that Juliet ran away and finds her at the beach house. Juliet confesses to Bridget about the scheme she and her mother concocted to get her trust fund back.

-Malcolm is missing but his ID shows up on one of Makawi's men found dead in a park.

-No one can find Olivia.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Isn't a growing body count enough to keep looking into their business?


Machado: He jumped in front of the bullet?
Bridget: He saved my life.