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-Dante is set to testify against Little T, a gang member he witnessed murder a community activist. But the night before the trial, Dante disappears from his hotel room and is murdered.

-ADA Valerie Delgado tells Korsak his confidential informant must testify but Korsak says he can't find him. When pushed, Korsak turns in his badge rather than produce his CI, causing rumors to spread that he made up the CI and his information.

-Jane figures out that Korsak's unofficial CI is the young mother of Dante's baby. Korsak has kept her hidden to protect her.

-Maura finds evidence on the body that leads to the actual murder scene in a park where they find tire tracks. Maura recognizes a roof nail imprint in the tire from when she helped ADA Delgado change her flat.

-Turns out Delgado was working for Little T and lured Dante away from the hotel and killed him.

-Bill O'Reilly covers the case on TV, much to Jane's chagrin and Angela's pleasure as she admires his Irish blue eyes.

Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Hey Mom. I couldn't find any Sour Patch so you'll have to settle for Gummy Bears.


Frost: So how does a white female cop get the confidence of a black kid from the hood.
Jane: I have mad skills.