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Someone is on the phone, telling someone that the party they're going to is nothing but trouble and trying to convince them to stay away from some guy who isn't sober. He takes a photo of himself to prove he's at home. He gets a text back saying he's not alone and then some masked guy attacks him and chokes him until he's unconscious.

At Frankie's, Frankie is making coffee. Frankie and Jane bicker about Frankie's coffee making skills. Jane gets a call that's a wrong number. She is looking for Maura who is on the floor lying down because of a bad back. Jane gets another wrong number. Apparently her number is similar to a escort service's. The phone rings again and she starts yelling at whoever is on the other end but it turns out to be BPD.

Jane gets more wrong number calls.

At the crime scene, the victim is Dan Walsh, a 27 year old who works with troubled teens. Not a robbery since his wallet and cell phone are not missing. He was most probably strangled to death. He had a selfie with the killer behind him.

DMV records show Dan Walsh is from L.A. and moved to Boston 2 years ago. No emergency contact, no work history. Maybe his past caught up to him. No criminal record though.

Maura's analysis confirms strangulation and that there was a struggle. Probably strangled by a necktie or something like that.

In L.A. another victim has been identified as Dan Walsh -- so who is this guy?

The other Dan Walsh has been dead 2 years. So the John Doe might have stolen his identity.

The team is going to L.A despite Jane's protests. Frankie is excited but he's not invited. But Maura is going. 

Jane doesn't think L.A. will be fun. Maura does.

Jane tries to upgrade her rental using a virtual representative and a machine. The guy is from Roxbury Boston, near where Jane works.

Maura can't stop drinking juice from juice bars. Meanwhile, Jane's credit card is declined.

At BPD Angela has a liquor renewal form for Vince to sign. Since the girls are in LA she wants to double date with Vince tonight.

The girls rent a light blue sports car. Maura puts on a headscarf. Jane can't drive because she's not on the insurance.

In Boston, Vince figures someone else knows Dan Walsh was using someone else's identity. The other Walsh's death was reported in L.A.

In L.A. Jane meets Oscar, the L.A. detective. The real Dan Walsh was a homeless guy well known at the shelters. Maura shows up with Dr. Hart, an LA M.E. Maura has determined the killer was left-handed and similar height and build in each case. Could be the same killer though Dr. Hart won't confirm that.

Jane finds out their victim's name is Roger Parsons. He supposedly committed suicide 2 years ago. Probably faked his own death so he could start over. He didn't seem to know Dan Walsh.

Maura doesn't get what "no worries" means. Jane doesn't like L.A.

They talk to a beach employee who is upset to find out Roger Parsons wasn't really dead. He lived the fast life until his girlfriend OD'd and then he supposedly killed himself. He was in too deep so maybe he had to fake his death. He worked for a guy named Alfonse at a hotel.

Angela and Kiki seem to be having a good time. Angela's boyfriend Ron arrives with flowers. Kiki does a double take when she sees him. She and Ron deny knowing each other. Things get awkward fast.

In LA Jane is unable to pay for her drink at a club. Maybe someone has stolen her identity as a result of the fire. Maura gives her money then tries to leave. Jane tells her to pull up a medical journal on her phone and makes her wear glasses then tells the snooty  bartender Maura is an actor. He points out Alfonse to Jane.

Jane approaches Alfonse and pretends to know him, complete with name dropping. She asks for a bottle of vodka under the table then shows him her badge.

Alfonse thinks this is ridiculous, but Jane continues to interrogate him. Alfonse is more interested in famous people coming into his bar. Roger got him drugs. At first he doesn't want to give a dealer's name but Jane threatens to pull his liquor license. The guy's name is Lamar. Roger lost it after his girlfriend's death and maybe tried to get out.

Angela is upset about how awkward the dinner went. She knows Kiki and Ron knew each other. They both think the two dated in the past. Angela says they have to ask.

Lamar seems too comfortable in the police station. He claims that he barely knew Roger Parsons. He also claims that he doesn't have time to chase anyone to Boston. He leaves.

Nina and Frankie tell Jane she has been hacked. All of her accounts have been canceled. Frankie is sending her documents to sign to open an investigation and Nina is tracing her bank accounts.

Jane conferences with BPD. Roger stole Walsh's ID to escape the drug life. Another man, Dustin Shaw, died and had his identity stolen as well. They need to find the new Dustin Shaw. Nina is trying to get airport security footage.

Jane and Maura go to Venice Beach. They get no help from the locals on the boardwalk. or the tourists, either. A homeless guy suggests she try the Sand Dollar, a bar that accepts Social Security checks for payment. He also advices Jane to give LA more of a chance.

At the Sand Dollar, the bartender gives them some info.

Nina gives them info about Dustin Shaw. They realize he is the bartender they just spoke to.

Oscar and Jane raid the bar. Shaw is gone but his shredder is still on. He was trying to shred evidence.

They go down the boardwalk, looking for Shaw, and find him.A chase ensures and Jane tackles Shaw while everyone takes photos. Oscar says their department is viral and it's okay. 

Shaw had a bunch of IDs from his patrons that he was using for identity theft. He stole a lot of money from Social Security checks as well as selling people's identities. Maura says Walsh's hair content showed that he sobered up and that he must have threatened to out Shaw. So Shaw sold Walsh's ID to Parsons, who then faked his own death and ran away.

Dr. Hart wants them to come back. He enjoyed Maura.

Angela wants to know what Kiki and Ron aren't telling them.  Kiki says she used to date Ron. They had one date that went really badly. Ron had bad diahrrea during the date and spent the whole night in the bathroom. Everyone laughs about it.Jane gives Vince some wine. Frankie gets a Mr. Juicy machine.

Tracing the hacker leads Nina to a video of someone setting the fire in her apartment. 





Rizzoli & Isles
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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Jane: One guy asked me to wax his banister.
Maura: That's not a thing.

Frankie: I know how to make coffee.
Jane: Your last pot tasted like motor oil.