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A woman is running her dog around the pool, then walking him, then making him sit. She says she needs a rest. The dog barks and then suddenly attacks her.

Maura tries to help Jane find proper clothes for an interview with a condo board while Frankie hogs the bathroom.

Maura encourages Jane to wear a warm color so she can woo the board and get the condo she wants to live in. The girls get a call about a crime just as Frankie finally gets out of the shower.

Vince says the dog was protecting the body and not letting anyone near it. The victim's name was Mona Evans. She spent most of her time with her dog, who had a lot of trophies and apparently dressed in an FBI costume for some pageant.

Maura can't say whether the woman drowned. But she was mauled by the dog, so Maura wants to test for rabies. Animal control tells Vince that the dog is dangerously aggressive and will be put down after 24 hours. Vince is upset but ACO guy won't bend the rules.

Angela makes sloppy Joes for Nina and Frankie and asks Frankie how Jane living with him is working. Frankie claims everything is great. Angela doesn't seem to believe him. When she walks away, Frankie tells Nina if he tells Angela the truth, she and Jane will drive him nuts.

Jane seems depressed. She says the condo board only cared whether she had a boyfriend, dated online, etc. to try to find out if she would be a loud tenant. She got annoyed with them. She's sad because this is the perfect place.

Frankie has autopsy results. The woman was killed by poison.

Maura calls to Kent who is by the elevator. She asks if he called the Harris family. He thinks he did and hits the up button. Maura says she got a message from them. Kent didn't call. He's been asked twice. After the confrontation, he suddenly kisses her before getting in the elevator.

No rat poison at the house, no financials. One of her daughters has a long criminal record and drug problems.

Vince is on phone with APO trying not to have the dog killed. He gets a 24 hour extension.

Vince and Jane interview Mona's daughter. She says her mother grew up with alcoholic parents and married a man just like them. Her mother loved the dog more than her. She has no idea why someone would kill her, not even her screwed up sister Sarah. Sarah would ask her for money and get mad when she didn't get it but never hurt anyone. She lives on the streets

Maura is pacing. She drags Jane into the elevator and tells her about the kiss.She is freaking out because it's not allowed. Jane asks her if she's sure there's no romance. Jane tells her she threatened a board member with indecent exposure charges to try to get into the condo.

There was poison in the dog's food, so maybe the dog refused to eat it and Mona did.

Maura watches Kent through the window. Vince comes up behind her and startles her.

Vince asks Maura if Duke could have bitten Mona in an attempt to pull her out of the pool. Maura will try to get the dog released into their custody.

Frankie can't find Sarah. Nina says a neighbor complained 22 times about barking. The woman didn't answer during canvassing.

The woman is obnoxious and admits she hated the dog. She is sure she is a suspect because she watches cop shows. She says that drug addict daughter hated the dog. She has a notebook saying Sarah was there four days ago and a woman named Brenda the morning. The woman has notes on everybody who visits the neighborhood because of breakins years ago.

Frankie says Mona refused to breed Duke and Brenda Grady got angry at her about it. She has an alibi, though, because she's been in Europe for the past month. Brenda says dog show enthusiasts might have wanted to poison Duke so that their dogs could win.

The dog comes in with Vince and is friendly. The team plans to use him as bait to catch the killer. 

Jane comes in with the dog but he's walking her. She is annoyed.

Angela brings Nina some homemade sloppy Joes and asks to sit with her at the bar. She tries to ask her about Frankie and Jane and doesn't like it that Nina thinks it isn't her place.

At the dog show, Jane panics and doesn't think she can do this. The other dog owners are looking at her.

Obnoxious person says only Mona can enter Duke because she registered him. DUke starts barking and the guy runs away. So does Duke. He finds Sarah and starts licking her. The cops take her away.

Sarah says she went to the dog show to see her mom. She ran because Duke started chasing her. She stuck around to find out what was going on. She seems shocked to hear Mona is dead. She says she put the poison in Duke's food.

Sarah's sister doesn't believe Sarah did it. Jane says Sarah had rat poison in her pocket. Sister says she fought with Sarah about killing Duke two weeks ago. She figured it was high crazy talk. Vince offers her the dog. She takes him. Dog turns and looks sadly at Vince.

Jane asks Frankie why he complained to Angela about her. Nina confesses that she told her. Angela cornered her with the sliders. After asking Nina not to ever talk to Angela again, they apologize to each other. Nina is amazed because Angela said this is what would happen.

Kent gives Maura the results of the test of Sarah's pockets. Maura tells him to see her in his office in 20 minutes.

Jane comes in and teases Maura. Maura doesn't think Sarah killed her mother. Mona's urine sample was not green so she didn't eat Duke's food. A test revealed two types of poison. One was a pure version used in medicine. So even though she ate the poisoned dog food, what killed her was poisoned coffee.

Jane suspects the other sister, Tricia. The houses near Mona have all been sold and Mona was the only hold out. But the dog inherits the estate. And now Tricia has the dog.

Kent comes to see Maura. She makes a point of closing the blinds and door. She seems to be flirting with him. He seems embarrassed and uncomfortable. She thinks he was trying to distract her, but doesn't understand why.

Kent has a long story to tell her. In Afghanistan he was an army doctor. The hospital was next to a village. There was an 18 year old kid he hired there to run errands. He was hit by a truck on the way to work and Kent had to tell the parents he was dead. He quit medicine as a result of the parents' upset. He doesn't want to deal with people's pain and loss. He thinks he is going to get fired, but Maura says she will help him.

Sarah is told that the coffee was poisoned. Vince thinks Tricia figured Sarah poisoning the dog would cover her tracks. Tricia would get everything with Sarah in jail. 

Tricia wants to know why Sarah is out of jail. Sarah tells her someone put poison in her coffee. Vince admits he misses the dog, but Kiki doesn't like big dogs. Sarah accuses Tricia. Tricia denies everything. Sarah asks for half of the money. Tricia says she's calling the cops. Jane realizes it's not her -- it's that obnoxious neighbor.

The cops comes to see Dolores and arrest her for murder. She says she'll sue for false arrest. They have a coffee cup with her fingerprints on it.

Jane and Vince pet Duke goodbye.

Maura watches while Kent does the death notification. He comes back to her and says he feels better now. He thanks her and apologizes for kissing her. She tells him there are strict rules against them dating. He asks if he can date Jane, or so it seems. 

Maura comes in and finds Jane. Her condo board application was approved. Maura tells her Kent is interested in her.





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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Maura: That dress is perfect. Sophisticated with just a touch of VA-VOOM.
Jane: I think it has too much VA-VOOM.

I have never used the word demure.