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At a dance club or some such venue. A guy gives a necklace with three crystals to a girl. He tells her it's on Tori. The guy  seems disoriented, then seems to stop breathing. He has trouble speaking as he leaves the club, where he collapses on the ground, trying to say something...


Maura is reading the paper and says good morning to Jane, who says she got a new t-shirt. Maura ignores a call from "AI" who she says is her father. She doesn't want to deal with him right now. Jane is annoyed when Maura suggests she lost a lot in the fire. Maura doesn't understand why Jane is staying in a hotel. She claims to want to see a ball game series. Angela asks her what series and Jane makes something up. Maura realizes Jane doesn't want to be around Angela.

Jane complains to Maura about Angela. Maura likes Angela. Jane changes the subject--what is Maura's father like?

At the crime scene, the victim is a high class jewelry dealer. Everyone disappeared when 911 was called. The victim as something on him that looks like glitter. Jane wants to move the body. She finds a gun underneath him.

Nothing was stolen so Tori doesn't understand why the victim was killed. She is sure the killer is coming for her next. Other jewelers were jealous of the victim. The gun was for protection as well as image. Tori gives them a list of victims, using nicknames, and says she will find their real names.

Maura tries to talk to Jane about her wardrobe. Jane asks if that's why she was called to the morgue. Maura tells her that the victim was exposed to a neurotoxin that stopped his breathing. It could have been from pufferfish, which contains the poison if not cooked properly.

Ten Moes, the victim, always put dust from his diamonds in his drinks. But that has nothing to do with his death.

Nina finds some of these other jewelers have records. One, "Bling Bling" has just filed for bankruptcy.

Vince comes in and says a guy named "Blingman" confessed to the crime.

Jane interviews Blingman, aka Marvin. He looks down his nose at a bad diamond. He also says he is not going to jail. Jane says he didn't commit the crime. She tells him that he needs to write his confession or she'll tell everyone he cried in the interrogation room. He writes down that he did it but not how.

Blingman says Ten Moes was a bad diamond dealer. He might have been dealing with the drug cartels.

Angela calls and interrupts Frankie at the station. Frankie and Angela come into Maura's office. They want to figure out how to help Jane. Angela wants to move in with Frankie so Jane can move into the guesthouse. Frankie is annoyed. He doesn't want Angela to move in with him.

Vince offers to let Jane stay with him. They want to interview a suspect, Rya. The person who opens the door says Rya is not here. Turns out the door-opener is Maura's father, Arthur Isles.

Jane and Vince talk with Arthur. He says he comes to Boston regularly. He wants to know why they are looking for Rya. They can't tell him but he realizes it has to do with the lawsuit against the victim. Isles reveals that there is a diamond called the Darkness that was stolen and that Rya's tribe is trying to get it back -- legally. Jane asks what his connection is. He says he's worked with this tribe for 20 years. He has been with Rya constantly and is sure he didn't do it.

Maura tries to guess who Jane ran into and guesses everyone random but Arthur. She says she's glad Jane ran into him but otherwise has no reaction. Jane wants to know what the deal is, but Maura refuses to talk about it at first. Then she says her father is a liar.

Nina didn't find a lot about Maura's father. He seems obsessed with research on bugs. He came to the US with Rya and they were constantly together in the hotel. Neither one is one the security video in the club but there are no cameras in the kitchen.

Three large checks are deposited in the victim's bank account. They're from his baby mama.

Frankie and Vince discuss whether they'd be a good criminal team if they went over to the other side. They find a guy from the club at the woman's  home. He is arrested. He gave the child support checks to the baby mama. He was there because he thought Ten Moe's last words were "shoot her." Vince realizes the victim actually said "shooter," as in oyster shooter - the weapon.

Maura has the DNA of pufferfish on the screen when Kent pops out of nowhere and scares Jane. Maura says her father's dissertation was on killing people with pufferfish toxins. She denies thinking he is the killer but looks upset.

Jane is in the elevator looking sad, and is still there when it opens again. She tells Vince she was thinking about family and murder. The baby mama is not involved. Maybe Rya believes in eye for an eye. Rya only speaks Spanish. Jane sends Vince to interpret for him. The guy tells Arthur in Spanish that Vince is not the boss -- he is. Vince tell shim in Spanish that's not the case. Arthur says he must be there to protect Rya since he doesn't understand the legal system. Arthur insists that eye for an eye is no longer part of the culture. Rya and Arthur are required to surrender their passports.

Jane is looking for Nina. But Frankie wants to talk to her. Jane is happy with Angela moving in with Frankie. Frankie is afraid to tell Angela. He manages to manipulate Jane into talking to Angela for him. She insists on Red Sox tickets, two beers and a foam finger.

Vince and a bunch of other guys play the guitar at the Dirty Robbin. Jane tells Angela to stay at Maura's. Frankie backs her up. Jane says she will move in with Frankie.. Angela loves it. Frankie is annoyed. He doesn't want Jane to move in with him.

Arthur tells Maura that Rya's daughter had access to pufferfish, then leaves.

Nina looks at Rya's daughter, Karina. She was on the VIP list the night of the fatal party. Ten Moes put her on the list -- she was his partner. Jane wonders what her motive is. Vince thinks she and her father might have done it together.

Dr. Isles waits at the station. He says his wife has told him how important Jane is to Maura. It was easier to pretend he didn't know her. He wants Jane to put a good word in for him with Maura. Jane advises him to stop taking the easy way out.

Karina had the black diamond, Darkness, in her apartment. She says that it was stolen from her people's land. She reached out to Ten Moes to find out if he had info about the diamond. She sold him diamonds in exchange for the Darkness. She used the money for her people even though it was against cultural norms to sell anything from the land. She denies killing Ten Moes. She says she was in love with him. She has an alibi anyway.

Ten Moes was dating a woman named Tori. Kent suggests Tori didn't know the relationship was over. The detectives rush to find her. Frankie told her they were suspicious of Karina, so if she was involved she might have taken off.

Tori's jewelry shop is locked up. Jane and Vince come in through the back. She finds Tori packing jewelry. She claims not to be going anywhere. She claims lots of people loved Ten Moes. She has no aquarium but bought a bunch of puffer fish. She is arrested.

Karina is freed. She asks if her dad is waiting for her. In her culture, there is no future, just present. She thinks about the future and her dad doesn't. She is sure he is waiting down there to argue with her.

Frankie tells Jane not to open a drawer. She does anyway. He says she failed the test. She tries to leave. Frankie says no, but a few more rules. Rinse her dishes, replace her cereal and don't dry her bras in his shower. Maura shows up. She wants to talk to Jane privately. Meanwhile Jane looks for Frankie's secret drawer everywhere.

Maura tells a story about how her best friend didn't come to school when she was 14, and when she stopped by she found out her dad was having an affair with her friend's mom. It broke her heart to see her dad wasn't a hero. She never told anyone but she felt guilty about not telling her mother. That's why she can never tell a lie now. She's avoiding her father. Maura will try to talk to him. 


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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Maura: You're here, dealing with the effects of a fire that destroyed all of your personal stuff, not to mention a lifetime of memories.
Jane: I lost 20 identical t-shirts.

Jane: They say we should learn to live with less.
Maura: Don't listen to 'they'.