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A woman is blindfolded and tied to a chair. She screams for help. Something that looks like a zombie is wandering around. Another woman comes in and starts beating up the zombie. She unties the other woman and tells her to run. The zombie stabs the rescuer while the other woman watches.

Jane changes her mind about the condo because of the person after her. Maura offers her a sublet of a townhouse near her and Angela. Angela interrupts. She found a ring that she thinks is an engagement ring for Kiki. She insists on trying it on first and can't get it off. Jane and Maura get a call.

Jane wonders if Kiki will say yes. She is worried that Vince will leave the force if he is happily married. She can't imagine doing this job without him.

Maura walks in and announces to Vince she doesn't know anything... about the case. No ID on the victim. Maura seems to have a hard time when she sees the victim was possibly bound and gagged. But she says she's fine. She says that time of death was approximately five days ago.

Frankie finds some sort of torture chamber and a digitally encrypted key that he will pass on to Nina.

Victim, Daniella, has a bunch of misdemeanors on her record and is from Atlanta. She appears to have not ever lived in Boston.

Nina sent the hacker files to the FBI. Vince wants Jane to back off and trust him about her case. Nina has info about the digital encryption key from THIS case. Jane tells her on the down low to keep her in the loop about the hacker.

Jane tries to get out of Vince that he is proposing to Kiki. He ignores her.

Vince and Jane meet Shaw, the owner of the encryption key. He tells them that the building was a fear club. People go there to get scared. He is surprised to hear someone got killed for real.

Maura analyzes the blood and finds it is fake. Jane is frustrated that she can't get any info about her investigation.

Maura says there were chemicals on the wound and the woman was a chronic alcohol user. Someone else was gagged. No ID's for anyone.

Shaw doesn't recognize the victim. He says he had a hood over his head and was chained to the wall. A woman threatened to cut him in half with a buzzsaw. Everyone goes in alone to make it feel more real. You have to get an invitation to sign up with the website. Every event is at a different place. He gives them the website and password.

Nina buys ten raffle tickets from a little girl. She runs away from Jane.

Nina tells Jane that she can't tell her anything about the hacking investigation. Jane tells her the raffle was fake. She tells Vince she tracked down another hacking victim. She is nervous about interviewing the victim because she hasn't done field work in a long time. She confesses to Vince that her boyfriend was killed on her beat. Vince encourages her to go out in the field and exorcise those demons once in a while. He is sorry for her loss..

Website is run by dummy corp. Frankie has subpoenaed the records. He thinks the idea sounds awesome. Jane thinks it sounds stupid. Frankie thinks someone who works there got carried away. It's also weird ot him that no one has reported Daniella missing. Owner says the people broke into the building.

Frankie gets an invite. Vince is freaked out by the video.

Frankie goes undercover at the fear club and cannot take his gun. They have him wear some sort of wire.

Maura finds out the chemical is a thermoplastic. 

Vince and Jane tease Frankie that there will be spiders. Maura offers to check his blood pressure.

The other hacking victim talks to Nina. She says the cops said they can't do anything anyway. Her accounts were all hijacked, including emails and texts. They were all made public. She lost friends and she kept getting a new account but it kept getting hijacked. She gave the cops a suspect but they did nothing because she didn't have proof. She thinks it was a weird guy in her class that kept asking her out and got really mad when she turned him down. His name was Riley Keating.

Jane leaves a message that she wants to see the townhouse. The little girl is bilking a bunch of other cops.

Frankie buzzes into the fear club's latest event at an abandoned building with an equally abandoned metal detector or something. He walks into a red room full of chains. Someone grabs his shoulder than runs away. There is a sound of a buzz saw as he keeps walking. A guy runs out with a cleaver. Frankie shows his cop ID and says he has questions.

Cleaver guy is upset about Daniella. He says she worked with him and they were friends, sort of. He didn't notice she was gone at the end of the night. Daniella was an alcoholic. He has no names of guests but has email addresses.

Angela has the perfect proposal idea. She thinks Vince should use a gondola and Italian music. She was proposed to in the parking lot of a bar. Angela sees that Maura is studying PTSD. She tells Angela she's doing better. She doesn't want Jane to worry. Angela offers to talk.

Vince talked to all the actors. None of them have criminal records. One guy worked in the basement but he had the wrong size shoe. Nina checked out the emails and one was connected to a restraining order. a player named Karen had taken one out against someone named Gus Brooks. Nina also tells Vince the hacker may be Riley Keating. Jane watches them talking from the elevator.

At the preschool, Frankie interviews Karen. She is shocked someone was really killed. She has never done anything like this before. She wanted an adrenaline rush. She feels bad because Daniella saved her life. She barely saw him but he was taller than Daniella Gus Brooks was a maintenace guy who lied on his application. He used his brother's name and social security to get the job. He kept harassing her after he was fired. She knows where he lives because he sent her apology letters. She doesn't want protective custody. Frankie puts an officer and squad car out front.

Vince tells Nina good job. She feels good about getting out in the field. He says he almost left the force after his second divorce. He blamed himself for the divorce. Then he realized he cant change the past.

Nina and Vince arrest Riley.

Frankie says that Gus says he hasn't been to Boston since Karen's restraining order. He claims to have been home watching TV. He has been going to anger management serssions and doing well. Frankie doesn't think he's the guy. Jane still wants to talk to him.

Riley claims not to have anything to do with the hacking and that he doesn't know who they're talking about. Maura thinks the guy is too young to have anything to do with this. Joe Harris had a trusting relationship with his accomplice. Riley claims false arrest. Nina says he is being arrested for the other hacking, which they have proof of. They won't press charges if he cooperates. Maura reassures Jane that they will find the person behind this.

Jane is not sure about the townhouse.

Frankie says he found another invitation on Karen's computer. Jane wonders if the plastic comes from a 3D printer. There was one in Karen's school. Jane wants to talk to Karen again.

Maura runs into Kiki in the elevator. She invites Maura for dinner with her and Vince. Maura awkwardly rejects her offer.

We see the killer put a mask over his head.

Someone bangs on Karen's door. She is freaked out but it is just a cop. Karen screams while on the phone with Jane.

Karen runs from mask guy. The cop is knocked out. Karen hides in the closet. Frankie and Jane enter the classroom and search. Mask guy tries to attack and Jane shoots him. Karen is hiding in the closet and crying. Jane finds and comforts her.

Gus made a plastic key on the 3D printer and broke into the school to terrorize Karen.

Vince tells Jane about Kiki. He thought it was insensitive to express his happiness during their dark times. Jane gets a text about the scammer girl. She is trying to sell to Angela when Jane shows up. The girl says she wanted a puppy and her mom said no. Jane suggests she should try talking to her mom rather than swindling people. She says she will give the money to the Boys and Girls Club if she doesn't tell her mom. Angela says Jane was like that when she that age.

Angela suggests the gondola. Jane suggests Fenway Park. Maura suggests a string quartet. Kiki comes in and Vince goes to talk to her while everyone else suggests ideas. Jane turns around and Vince is putting the ring on Kiki's finger. Everyone applauds.

Jane announces she took the townhouse. Everyone hugs. 

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Jane: We can have Kent here in 15 minutes. You don't have to be here.
Maura: I'm fine.

Maura: What if you could have a whole townhouse to yourself? No neighbors?
Jane: Then I'd be rich. I wouldn't be a detective.