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A funeral in which everyone but a little boy seems to feel their late Grandma was very negative. They drop the coffin and find another body in addition to Grandma.


Angela tries to get Maura to tell her Jane's news. Jane comes downstairs and Angela wants to know what's going on. Jane tells Angela that she will be an instructor at the FBI. Angela is upset that Jane will be far away. Jane says there's a lot of details to work out but she wanted her mom to know first. Angela is proud of Jane despite her tears. Maura is all excited about some touristy things in DC that Jane is not interested in.

At the crime scene, Vince says the family doesn't care that their grandma is lying on the ground. The other body is a John Doe. He has been dead about 12 hours and has some sort of weird wound, maybe a symmetrical object, but very little blood. Jane hates the idea of going to the funeral home. The family seems to be laughing.

TJ (Tommy Jr) runs in to see Angela and Tommy shows up behind him. Surprise visit! Angela sends TJ off to get ice cream in the back. Tommy tells Angela that Lydia met someone else and he wanted to make a clean break. He just needs to figure out what he's doing next. Angela says she will make him a sandwich and then take him to Jane's townhouse, as she has an extra room.

Jane informs Vince she does not want to be buried when she dies. A Viking funeral where she is burned sounds good to her.

After interviewing a funeral home employee, Jane and Vince realize the victim is the funeral director., Mr. Mason

They go into a room where a body is being prepared and find a lot of blood and a blood-covered Ms. Mason, the director's sister. She is very upset, especially when it's discovered the killer burned Sam Mason's apron. Ms. Mason claims innocence and suggests her brother had been seeing a woman who might be involved in the murder.

At the clinic, Maura is covering for Hope, but a family who only speaks Spanish is upset that Hope isn't there. The family has a baby that is supposedly going to die. Maura bonds with the baby but says that the baby has liver failure. There's no treatment and she can make her comfortable but nothing else. Maura is upset that the baby is dying. The family wants to pray for the baby.

Vince interviews the mystery woman, who says she is a broker that Sam hired to sell his business. He wanted to sell very badly. He never mentioned that his sister was his business partner.

Jane and Vince wonder if the sister found out that Sam was selling the business and killed him. But her alibi shows she was bowling til 10 PM. Vince mentions that the FBI called him about Jane's new job and wonders when Jane was going to tell him. Jane gets upset. Vince thinks she's doing something great and is happy for her though he will miss her too.

Maura hasn't found much new except the instrument used for suctioning fluids was definitely the murder weapon. It reminds her of a case in Essex six weeks ago. Another murder involving someone being thrown into a grave had to do with a funeral from Mason's Funeral Home. Maura needs Sam Mason's records to compare his work to the murder.

Maura tells Jane she doesn't believe in God or prayer because she's a doctor.

Nina has some info about the other victim. He and Kate Mason went to college together. Kate claims not to know this person. She claims to have not mentioned the Essex investigation because her brother just died. She claims not to know anything about the potential sale and reiterates that she would never hurt Sam.

Kent comes to tell Maura all the funeral home files are on her desk. Maura is upset because the baby's breathing is erratic. She's read every journal and has found nothing to help. She knows she can do nothing but feels responsible anyway.

Angela plays Connect 4 with TJ while Tommy asks when he will meet Ron. Tommy reveals that he moved to Chicago because he felt smothered and needed to grow up. Angela is proud of him and says TJ needs to grow up next. Angela tells Tommy if he moves back she can help with TJ. TJ wants to stay here with Grandma.

Frankie comes in and hugs Jane while she's on the phone. She hangs up when he says that he was contacted for a background check.  Frankie wants to hug Jane whenever he wants until she leaves. Also the sister cannot be the killer as she is left-handed. Sam embalmed the other body.

Someone changed the books to make it look like the funerals didn't happen.

Maura and Vince look at another burial site. Maura admits that she is struggling with Jane leaving and wonders if it is selfish to want her to stay.. The coffin is opened and there is a girl in the casket with an old man.

Four bodies in total have been found, suggesting a serial killer. Frankie wonders why the killer embalmed the victims. Vince doesn't know, but Sam didn't kill himself. 

Nina asks Frankie how he's doing and he pretends he's fine but she sees through it.

Kent reminisces about his cadaver from medical school. Anyway, the victims all died of dry drowning -- their lungs were punctured. Sam probably was not the killer of any of the other victims. The killer punctured several places as if guessing where the lungs were. Jane says maybe Sam wanted to sell because he didn't want to bury any more murder victims.

Tommy and Frankie and Jane have pizza. Tommy says he is thinking about moving back here. Jane says maybe Tommy could take over her townhouse lease. Tommy says his breakup for Lydia is for the best and he doesn't think Rizollis are cut out for marriage. Frankie disagrees Frankie says Vince didn't think he'd get married again and did. TJ comes downstairs and complains they are too loud.

Jane comes to see Maura, who cannot sleep because she is thinking about the baby. The baby's color improved a little but it's not enough. She doesn't know how to face the family when she can't save their baby. Jane encourages her. Maura wonders what she will do without Jane. Jane says they will call and get through things together from afar.

Nina finds the victims all moved around a lot. Their cell phones all included a modeling agency. Clearly the killer targeted models.

A woman says it's normal for clients to stop checking in/disappearing. It usually means they just moved on.  The models worked in different areas. The agent is upset about her clients being in danger.

Maura is surprised when she looks at the test results. She sees some improvement and asks for more tests. The patient thinks Maura brought them their miracle.

Jane says all the models are gorgeous. Nothing else in common... wait, the backgrounds in the photos are the same. They are all at a Farmers Market on Beacon Street. They must have used the same photographer.

A landlord is not happy about a search warrant because "Eddie" is very private. They find a darkroom full of shots of the victims as they were dying. The calendar says he is doing a shoot a couple of blocks away.

The photographer says to a model he will take her back to the studio to show her how he touches up her photos. But he starts running away when the cops show up.

Kate tells Jane that Sam helped Eddie out when he was 16 and Eddie had been like family. Jane says that Sam didn't go to the cops because Eddie threatened to hurt Kate.

Nina comes to see Frankie. He uses an app to tell him about the stars so he can look through a telescope. Nina knows a lot about Greek mythology.  Frankie proposes to Nina and she says YES.

At the Dirty Robber, TJ is running around like crazy and Tommy says if he lives here Angela cannot give TJ popsicles for dinner.. Maura seems sad. She says the baby is improving but she can't accept it because it doesn't make sense. Jane tells her to come with her. Jane watches as Tommy and Frankie tease each other.

Jane and Maura go for a walk and Jane says some things don't have an explanation. But Maura says the science didn't support this. Jane says she likes to play "what if this didn't happen?"  Jane thinks everything happens for a reason. Maura thinks that's unscientific, but Jane thinks that helps her get through things.



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Honey. You're FBI, you can touch anything you want.


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