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-Traci and Jerry continue their affair while she's still living with her ex.

-A mother falsely accuses her own daughter of murder because she thinks it will get the police to look for her. Traci decides to look into the case herself. 

-With Dov still on probation, Gail offers to be his supervisory officer for the day.

-Andy finds an engagement ring in a drawer. Luke proposes and she accepts.

-Jo congratulates Andy but is upset with Luke because that was the ring he bought for her. Luke says since Joe turned it down, it doesn't matter where it came from.  He loves Andy.

-At the scene of an accident, Sam and Andy find a bag of severed heads in the trunk of a car after the driver ran. The car was stolen from Tanya Makin.

-The heads came from a lab and were stolen by Daniel, a schizophrenic off his medication. Andy corners Daniel but he gets away.

-Daniel fixates on McNally, convinced that she is spreading lies about him.  Daniel then breaks into Luke and Andy's and shoots Luke with his own gun. Andy isn't home.

-Dov and Gail find Daniel on the street. He tries to kill himself but Dov stops him. Andy then recognizes the gun Daniel has as Luke's. She and Sam find Luke bleeding on the floor.

-Officers gather at the hospital. Luke survives his surgery and Andy sits by his side in the ICU.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Last warning and then I'm going to taze you. That is 50,000 volts straight into the junk.


There's hardly any blood though. Looks like the vics were drained before their heads were removed. Hmm... a neat freak.