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This week...

- When Andy finds out that Luke left his credit card at a local hotel, he claims he was there to buy her a spa package. Then he convinces Andy to move up the wedding date.

- Jerry's informant is killed, putting his case in jeopardy. During the investigation, Sam and Traci find the murder weapon with 17 year old Dina.

- Dina agrees to testify against her boyfriend/pimp Darryl. While Jo and Andy have her under protective custody,  Andy sees a hotel matchbook in Jo's purse. It's the same hotel where Luke left his credit card. Jo doesn't deny that Luke was there.

- Dina gets cold feet and runs back to Darryl. He pulls a gun on her but the cops have staked out the park and he is arrested.

- Dina is so desperate to be loved that she confesses to killing the informant to save Darryl, refusing to believe he would have killed her.

- Andy packs a bag and leaves Luke. He swears he lied because he loves her.

- Gail's mother, Police Superintendent Elaine Peck visits the precinct and bullies and belittles Gail while referring to Chris as Craig. When Gail confides in Chris that she doesn't want to do interviews with her mother, Chris stands up for her but Elaine is unimpressed.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Andy: What are you guys doing?
Chris: Oh just cleaning the place a bit. Trying to make it look a little less, you know, murdery.

Gail: She kept calling you Craig.
Chris: Craig's a great name.