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-Sophie is attacked in her home shortly after Sam and Andy are called there for a break in where nothing was stolen but her underwear.

-The case is similar to a case from three years ago where a rookie cop, Zoey Martinelli was murdered. Luke believed Sgt. Ray Nixon was guilty of the crime but was never able to prove. it.

-Andy is staying at her father's. Jo tells Luke she wants to be with him but he is confused and needs time.

-Jo doesn't believe Nixon is guilty of the latest attack.

-Despite their breakup, Andy believes Luke is correct and Nixon is guilty, despite his alibi. She investigates on her own and finds that Nixon kept a storage locker with all of his trophies for Zoey Martinelli and others.

-Nixon finds Andy there and attacks her. Just as he's about to strangle her, Luke arrives with the warrant and saves her, arresting Nixon.

-Turns out Jo was also right. Sophie was attacked by her neighbor who was trying to copy Nixon's crime.

-Luke is angry that Jo didn't back him up. He tells her they are through and he wants Andy back.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Gail: Space is for losers.
Andy: Well, yeah maybe so. Now get out of mine.

What, you want to talk to the fence?