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-Dov leaves his keys in his police cruiser and it's stolen in a high school prank. Frank tasks the entire squad with finding it. The squad finds the car but the kids who stole it sold the shotgun to a friend.

-Noelle starts cramping and goes to the doctor but she and the baby are just fine. She shows Frank the sonogram.

-Sam and Andy lose Wyatt, who is bloody and carrying several thousand in cash, in a foot chase. They trace the car he abandoned to a high school student, Stella Alvarez. She says the car was at her father, Bobby's garage.

-Sam and Andy find Bobby unconscious and badly injured. Turns out Wyatt was dating Stella and Bobby didn't approve. When Bobby and Wyatt fought, Wyatt hit him with a crow bar and took his back pay from the safe. Then he ran to find Stella at school.

-Wyatt has the stolen shotgun. He panics and takes Stella hostage but Sam and Andy convince him to let her go. Wyatt is arrested.

-Andy questions why Sam doesn't want to move in together but Sam reminds her that she was going to marry someone else six months ago and they agree to take it slow.

-Traci's son goes to visit his father for the summer while Traci trains with the detectives.

-Dov and his girlfriend Sue agree to stop trying to impress one another.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Andy: What time is it?
Sam: I don't know. You threw my watch somewhere.

Here's a story for you. When I tell you to go left, go left.