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-Ricardo Sanchez, 16 is .shot and killed at a skate park. Police track down Cesar Medina, Ricardo's cousin driving a car from the scene. Sam questions Cesar but finds he was the person being shot at, not doing the shooting.


-Ricardo set up his cousin because he was jumping in with the gang. Sam convinces Cesar to stay out of it and let him arrest the gang members instead.


-Andy and Gail try to help Alex, a young girl who wants to be a boy. When his parents abandon him and his only friends brother beats him up, Alex tries to commit suicide. At the hospital, Andy convinces Alex that there is hope for a happier life.


-The rookies plan their annual campout but when Chris can't go, Dov changes it to a rooftop party so Chris, Denise and Christian can come.


-Gail goes off on Chloe who is semi-stalking Dov and getting close to Nick. An upset Chloe shoots back that it's no wonder that Nick is falling for Andy.  Gail looks over to see Andy and Nick laughing together and looking cozy.


Rookie Blue
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