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On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 5, David made the decision to come back to Lanford to try to have a relationship with his kids. Darlene isn't completely on board with him coming back, as he has done this before in the past. David shows up at the Conner's, and Darlene lets him into her room. David explains he has put a down payment on a home right near Mark's school, and is going to be a better parent. Darlene is thrilled until David tells her he met someone. Darlene gets jealous, and she explains that they should be able to work out their problems. They end up sleeping together, and Darlene is excited they are getting back together. 

When Darlene shares the news with Roseanne, she shares her disappointment. While Roseanne loves David, she thinks a relationship between them wouldn't work out due to the reason David really leaving was because of the constant fighting. Becky offers Darlene a bit of advice about grieving the end of her relationship with David. Darlene agrees, and she lets David know the relationship wouldn't work, but she wants him in the kids lives. David agrees to still stick around, and makes a promise he will be better. 

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 5 Quotes

Darlene: Mom, that didn't go through.
Roseanne: I heard it beep.
Darlene: Oh my god! You're stealing that.
Roseanne: No. They're making me work as a checkout lady and my starting salary is bacon.

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