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On Roseanne Season 10 Episode 8, the Conner family celebrates Dan and Roseanne's 45th anniversary at the restaurant Becky works. The kids ask them what they plan to do, but they haven't decided yet. DJ suggests they use the points they earn on their credit card, and Darlene helps them book a room at a hotel. 

When they get the hotel they find out they will have to put a credit card on file, but their credit cards are maxed out. They decide to celebrate their anniversary at home instead. Dan cooks up a special dinner for Roseanne, and they decide to imide in some champagne. Roseanne starts acting extremely weird, and Dan wants to know what is going on. In a drunken state Roseanne essentially admits she mixed the alcohol with the pain pills she had been taking. Dan is confused by this because she was out of pain pills. 

The next day Dan confronts Roseanne about the pills. She says she doesn't have a problem until Dan presents the three pills bottles he found hidden around the house. Roseanne admits the reason she takes the pills is because she can't stand the pain, but also knows they can't afford the surgery. Dan tells her she needs to schedule the surgery despite not having the money for it at the moment. He also takes control of the pills by agreeing to give her the recommended dosage. Dan leaves to take a walk, but it's revealed Roseanne has another stash of pills hidden in her ice pack. 

Meanwhile, Crystal comes back the house announcing she is retiring, but suggests Darlene apply for the job. Darlene, despite hearing the amazing benefits the job offers, declines the offer and tells Becky to go for it. Dan tries to convince her she needs to do what is best for her family. Darlene has a change of heart and goes to Becky to tell her she needs to apply for the job to take care of her kids. Becky gets angry, but she relents eventually. Darlene thanks her for not applying for the job, but she offers Becky the alternative to go to night school to get her degree. Becky wants time to think about it before jumping in. 

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Roseanne Season 10 Episode 8 Quotes

Roseanne: This is our 45th anniversary and I get to talk.
Dan: She's finally coming out of her shell everybody.

Margarita on the house for the old married couple.