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Rosewood receives a mysterious letter asking him to attend a high profile fashion show. He invites Villa along as his date and backup. It turns out Rosewood's former classmate and famous fashion designer, GiGi fears her life is in danger. When Rosewood discovers she has a deadly bacteria, he calls up his old friend, Dr. Mike Boyce, portrayed by Taye Diggs.

Dr. Mike Boyce is an infectious disease doctor who takes his job seriously. While working on the GiGi case, Boyce develops a crush on Villa and vice versa. The two begin a flirtatious relationship which causes Rosewood to feel a tad bit jealous. Hornstock threatens Boyce and tells him if he isn't serious about Villa, he should keep it moving.

Donna is back on the dating scene thanks to TMI's assistance in setting up a Tinder account. Pippy hates the fact that her mother has moved on from her father so quickly. 

Pippy prompts TMI to sell her apartment so that they can begin to start their lives together as a married couple. TMI is unsure how to feel because she still doesn't have the approval of her relationship with Pippy from her parents. She then decides to call her parents to say she still loves them even though they don't accept the fact she's gay.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Villa: So I'm not here for pleasure, I'm here for protection?
Rosewood: Why can't it be both?

Rosie, I need your help. I think someone is trying to kill me.