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There's a crazed, mastermind serial killer running rampant in Miami. Rosewood and Villa work together to try to catch the killer with a little assistance from TMI's ex-fiancé and FBI agent, Keith Casablanca. 

Coroner Neal tells Rosewood, Villa and Hornstock hat he discovered a body that he found to be very intriguing. He insisted that the dynamic team take a gander at the body to find out what happened to him. It turns out that a serial killer is taking the organs from his victims' bodies and turning them into creative works of arts at the local Miami gallery. 

When Villa and Rosewood discovered that Neal was at the scene of the crime and had one of the victims organs in his possession, they question his motives. he says that he's inspired by Rosewood and wanted to crack the case himself. The duo enventually find a man named Roger who they assumed was the serial killer. It turns out they were indeed wrong.

Mike and Villa continue dating and are on the verge of taking their budding relationship to the next level. Kat and Rosewood attempt to rekindle their relationship for one another after not speaking for a while.

Hornstock decides to apply for the Chief position at the precinct in order to honor his late father.


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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Roger was our killer the entire time.


Rosewood: Have you talked to her?
Villa: We started back up our sessions.
Rosewood: That's it, nothing else?