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The body of an unidentified man is found mauled in a pigpen. That man turns out to be a patient of Dr. Audrey Joseph. Audrey was Calvin's therapist who was helping him with his problems when he was mysteriously murder. Audrey called on Rosewood to help solve Calvin's murder.

Dr. Audrey Joseph also turned out to be the ex-girlfriend of Rosewood. Rosie and Audrey dated in their younger years and were madly in love. Rosewood was so in love that he decided to propose to Audrey, but she declined.

Now with Audrey back in the picture, Erica wonders if she should be worried a out Rosewood reuniting with his ex-girlfriend.

In reality, Erica realized it wasn't Audrey she should be worried about. It was Villa. Erica ended her relationship with Rosewood because of the flirtatious relationship he has with Villa.

Daisey finally confronted Hornstock after dodging him for a week. She confessed her true feelings and talked about the status of their relationship.

Mitchie told Pippy about the kiss he almost shared with TMI. Pippy rest assured that she didn't mind and was glad he discussed it with her. A few hours later, Pippy walks in on Mitchie and TMI engaging in yet another semi-kiss which makes Pippy wonder what's the status of her relationship status with TMI.

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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

He just got Daisy'ed.


Rosewood: I'm your best friend. I'm your bestie.
Villa: Don't use that word again.