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Det. Villa and Rosewood work together to solve the murder of Danny Williams, who turned out to be living a double life.

Danny Williams, whose real name is actually Connor Thorn, faked a suicide and flew to Miami to take on another identity after creating a Ponzi scheme where he stole millions of money from people. Villa and Rosewood have to find out if Danny's death was revenge for the Ponzi scheme, or if it was something else.

The Danny Williams case hits close to home for Villa as she learns some shocking information regarding her late husband, Eddie's death. Eddie's medical records indicated that he may have lied to Villa about events leading up to his mysterious death.

Pippy makes a brief appearance back to Magic City Lab. Whether or not Pippy will make a return to the lab is still in question.

Hornstock reveals some information he learned about Capt. Slade. Could Slade be really who he say he is?

After Rosewood overheard a conversation between TMI and Mitchie, Donna finally comes clean to Rosewood about her new friend, Gerald.

Rosewood doesn't seem to take the news about Gerald well and decides to pay the inmate a visit in prison.

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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

You, me, working on a crime scene, that's our happy place.


I need you on this one. I'm still trying to figure out the rest of the department.