Her Husband's Death - Rosewood
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Det. Villa and Rosewood head off to NYC to discover more information about what truly happened regarding Eddie Lunez's mysterious death. 

Rosewood puts his life on the line in order to help Villa discover the truth about Eddie's death.

Villa's husband, Eddie was involved in street fighting, something Villa had no clue about. An insurance head honcho by the name of Jaecott often ran the fight club ring, and would, of course, win most of the money with his fighters.

Eddie knew Jaecott was up to something criminalizing and wanted to get to the bottom of things. Eddie's curiosity ultimately was the cause of his untimely death. Since Eddie chose to not involve Villa with his investigation, she had no clue about what truly happened to her husband. 

Jaecott would give fighters lethal steroids and then bet against them in order to cheat the game and win loads of money. Eddie attempted to catch Jaecott in the act of delivering steroids, but it was too late. Jaecott had Eddie killed for interfering with his money scheme.

Capt. Slade continues to push Hornstock's button. Hornstock decides he can no longer take Slade's jabs at him and finally puts Slade in his place.

TMI and Pippy finally have a conversation about where things are headed in their relationship.


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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Villa: What did you find?
Rosewood: It's what I didn't find. His liver, it's missing.

I don't want to see him, not this way.