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Divya and Rafa hit a rough patch in their relationship when Divya discovers that he has a child and an ex back in Argentina. When Divya confronts him about it, he refers to Divya as one of the women he's slept with, and she retreats without giving him a chance to apologize or explain.


Harper asks Hank to come meet her family at a reunion. All seems to be going well until Hank decides to check on a patient instead of go with her, only to find that the patient was alright. The incident puts a rift between Hank and Harper, who gives him the cold shoulder over the phone.


Paige gets to know Lou better, only to be informed that Lou, in fact, is not her biological mother.

Paige and Evan decide to move their wedding date to December of the current year.

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Evan: You came back because of a patient?
Hank: I thought so. But now I think I used a patient to hold myself back.

People leave their past behind all the time.