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Three months after the explosion at Shadow Pond, HankMed and Company prepared for Evan and Paige’s wedding.


Hank struggled with the head injury he sustained during the explosion at Boris’ mansion, but that didn’t keep him from treating three patients throughout the course of the holiday special. He did, however, cause a few medical scares himself. Furthermore, throughout the course of the episode, Hank contended with who he was, and who he loved, in the past as he tried to move forward with his life.


Evan was in a similar situation. Gilt ridden by his partying ways and the people he hurt in the process, Evan sought to make amends with his past and with a cousin whose money he lost in an investment gone bad. The guilt is evident throughout the course of the episode, particularly through flashbacks to when Hank was engaged to Nikki before they came to the Hamptons to start HankMed. Evan revealed to Hank that the reason he brought him to the Hamptons was to selfishly reinvent himself to leave behind who he used to be, but Hank tells Evan that it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to him. To make things even better, Evan finds out that the money of his cousin’s he lost was only a fraction of the amount he thought he lost, enabling him to let go of the past.


Ever the optimistic bride, Paige prepared for her dream wedding amidst an oncoming snow storm, stranded guests, dead butterflies and delayed roses from Florida.  She even played matchmaker to get Divya and Rafa back together, as well as conspired with Eddie R. to get Evan the perfect ring to exchange at their ceremony, only to find out that it wasn’t the heirloom she thought it was. Eddie R. lied to her because he knew how much tradition meant to her, and he was embarrassed that they didn’t have any real traditions to contribute.  Despite the fact much of what Paige wanted for her wedding didn’t come true in the way she planned, she admits that in the end she and Evan had everyone they needed at their ceremony.


Divya finally faced the fact that even after three months she was still not over Rafa, and after a wild night in Vegas, they got married. It wasn’t until later that Divya realized that she wanted to put the brakes on their relationship, and proposed they annul their marriage but maintain their relationship status.


Despite the fact Jill couldn’t make it to the wedding, she did make an appearance via Skype with Hank to check-in on everyone, though all indications point to Jill being absent from the Hamptons for a while longer.


The investigation surrounding Boris’ death is ruled an accident, though as Hank rolls into surgery on his brain injury, we see a very alive and well Boris plotting his potential return to the Hamptons, the circumstances surrounding his faked death still very much a mystery.


Royal Pains
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Shadow Pond—I'm being summoned.