Will at Home
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On this week's episode...

- Tom's widow continued to have questions about his suicide, meeting again with Tom's best friend, who clearly knows something, but remained silent and mysterious on the issue.

- David's wife came by to get her things out of David's office, and told Will that her son Evan wanted to meet up with him. There's clearly tension in that relationship and it was compounded when Evan said he wanted the motorcycle David gave to Tom. Before David let him have it, he took it apart, trying to find a clue. He eventually succeeded, finding a list of numbers - and a gun - in the seat.

With Ed's help, Will discovers these numbers were a code. They correspond to baseball games and facts, but it's unclear what they mean for now.

It is clear, though, that David is still being followed. First, by the FBI, as Ingram confirms he hired an agent as part of a background/security test. Then, by those same two men we saw to close last week's episode. One places a call and says Will is "still digging."

- We learn that Miles is separated from his wife and kids. Did something major happen? Or was it just the overall stress and hours of work?

- Maggie's ex-husband shows up and says he wants to play a role in his daughter's life.

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