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Alaska and Chad Michaels take part in a Handmaid's Tale skit discussing the new season.

The first all star queen enters the Werk Room: Trixie Mattel. She talks about her less-than-stellar time during her original season. She wants to prove people wrong.

Milk enters the Werk Room and makes a fart joke. Her post-season work as a Marc Jacobs model and art innovator comes up in the discussion.

Chi Chi DeVayne walks in with a dress made of yellow trash bags.

Thorgy Thor comes in with rainbow paints and a shiny red wig. She brings up her feud with Bob the Drag Queen yet again. In her confessional, Chi Chi wants to see Thorgy step up to the plate without Bob around.

Morgan McMichaels makes an infamous joke about Tyra. Her segment focuses on the drama from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2. Morgan is ready to knock Milk down a few pegs.

Aja rides in on a scooter. Her makeup has improved greatly from her original season. Aja had lots of surgery work done after her season.

Ben DeLaCreme wears a repurposed version of the dress she won her Miss Congeniality award during RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6. Milk is surprised to see her since he faded from the spotlight.

Kennedy Davenport is covered in mini mirrors. Kennedy has grown from her original appearance; Chi Chi is so excited to see her.

Shangela breaks from a box for her third appearance on Drag Race. She has learned more sewing and makeup skills for the competition.

RuPaul arrives into the Werk Room to start the competition. He announces the prizes and reveals that another queen will join: RuPaul's Drag Race Season 1 winner Bebe Zahara Benet.

The rules of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is still about the queens eliminating each other.

The Pit Crew arrives with trays of glasses. The queens compete in the Reading Is Fundamental challenge. The winner is Ben DeLaCreme and she gets a gift certificate to L.A. EyeWorks.

For the Maxi Challenge: the queens will headline the All Stars Variety Show. They'll need to showcase their talent to the audience.

The queens de-drag and catch-up with each other since their times in the competition. Milk doesn't think Ben is actually congenial; she thinks the queen is putting on an act to keep up with her image.

Thorgy is going to play her violin; she doesn't like that many of the queens are doing the same type of talent.

Morgan tells Ben that she's going to send the strongest competitor home if she ends up the winner of the Maxi Challenges. Everyone is worried about her strategy; in her confessional, Aja thinks it was a bad move of Morgan to say that out loud.

The queens apply their makeup before the show. Kennedy and Shangela throw a bit of shade at each other while they talk about Aja.

Vanessa Hudgens is the guest judge of the week.

Shangela is the first to perform for the Maxi Challenge. She does a lip-sync and dance to one of her original songs.

BeBe does a lip-sync and dance to one of her songs. She does an African-inspired dance.

Thorgy Thor plays her violin.

Aja does a lip-sync, dance, and gymnastics move. She does a death drop off the high stage.

Kennedy does a dance routine.

Ben does a burlesque performance with a comedy spin using tassels.

Chi Chi does a dance routine with a baton.

Morgan does a lip-sync and dance routine to one of her songs.

Trixie performs a country music song.

Milk does an artistic performance with one of her songs.

BeBe, Kennedy, Trixie, and Milk are saved by the judges. RuPaul makes fun of Michelle Visage with her prior critiques; Michelle promises to not make someone quit.

The judges liked Shangela's, Thorgy's, Aja's, and Ben's performances. They didn't like Morgan's or Chi Chi's performances.

Ben and Aja are the Top 2 All Stars of the week. They won airfare and hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Chi Chi and Morgan end up in the Bottom 2. If Aja or Ben win the lip-sync for your legacy, they'll decide who will get eliminated.

In a comedy skit, Vanessa performs a lip-sync against a pork chop plate.

Aja and Ben hear from the queens in the Bottom 2. Ben says she wants to play this fairly and follow a code. Neither Chi Chi nor Morgan feels comfortable campaigning to Ben.

Lip-sync song: "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj. Ben wins the lip-sync with a comedy performance; Aja goes for a more energetic routine instead.

Ben votes Morgan McMichaels out of the game.

During her goodbye messages, RuPaul appears on the TV screen informing her that the journey isn't done yet. Alaska and Chad Michaels appear in their Handmaids outfits behind her.

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