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The queens discuss Yara Sofia's elimination and her reaction to being eliminated. Jan reads the votes: 8 votes for Yara and 1 for A'keria C. Davenport.

Jan reveals she had voted to eliminate A'keria. Jan tries to backtrack with her vote, but the queens tell her to own her decision.

During the next day, RuPaul reveals that the Maxi Challenge is "Pink Table Talk." The queens will be paired into teams of three to discuss serious topics in news segments. The teams are Eureka!/Trinity K. Bonet/A'keria, Scarlet Envy/Kylie Sonique Love/Ra'Jah O'Hara, and Pandora Boxx/Jan/Ginger Minj.

A'keria's team is doing the sex topic, Scarlet's team is doing motherhood, and Ginger's team is doing body. Scarlet and Ginger play rock/paper/scissors for their topic.

Ginger wants to be the moderator of her group. Pandora has body issues and she doesn't want to talk about it, but she'll do it for the challenge. Jan recognizes that she needs to pull back on her energetic nature.

Scarlet is excited to have her topic because she loves her two moms. Ra'Jah is unsure about the topic because she doesn't have a good relationship with her mother. Kylie accepts the role of moderator.

A'keria's team is ready to talk about sex. Trinity wants to talk about her HIV status and Eureka plans to inject some humor about being a big girl having sex.

Scarlet pushes Kylie to bring out more confidence and energy as moderator. Kylie pushes back, but Scarlet still wants her to be it.

For the "Sex" group, A'keria talks about living their life as a transgender woman for a while and the plastic surgery that was done to look feminine. Trinity talks about having HIV and that she doesn't have sex in drag. Eureka loves sex in drag. There's a pink box segment about a facial trainer.

For the "Motherhood" group, Scarlet talks about having two mothers and the love she has for them. Ra'Jah discusses the strained relationship with her mother and Kylie gives her support; she talks about not being able to have kids herself. The pink box has a juicy reamer inside.

For the "Body" group, Ginger talks about some problems she had with her weight, and Jan discusses the weight she gained during her time on Drag Race and the scrutiny from the fanbase. The pink box contains any eye stimulator.

During the mirror moments, Ra'Jah talks about her mother with A'keria and Trinity. The queens also discuss how the queens might vote and if someone will deliberately vote out a big target.

Aisha Tyler is the guest judge.

The runway category is "Clash of the Patterns." Trinity is in an African tribal gown, Eureka is in a fitted mermaid gown, A'keria is in a mannequin Avante-garde look, Ra'Jah is in an African print pant look, Kylie has a sexy leopard ensemble, Scarlet is in a 50s gown made out of family love letters, Jan is a rich girl in a tight small purple outfit, Ginger is in an animal-print safari outfit, and Pandora is in a Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas gown.

Trinity, Eureka and A'keria were the best team. The top All Star of the week is Ginger Minj. All four queens are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges think Ra'Jah had a strong night because she opened up during the conversation, the judges love Kylie's look, but they want to get more from her conversation, they love Scarlet's outfit and what she had to say, but her drag veneer hindered her performance, the judges don't love Jan's outfit and think she was too upbeat, and the judges liked Pandora's outfit, but she was holding back during the challenge.

Ra'Jah and Pandora are safe. Kylie, Scarlet, and Jan are at the bottom.

During the campaigning, Scarlet pitches that Jan should go home. The queens are upset that Jan can't realize that the judges want her to be honest/genuine/real and not upbeat. In confessional, Jan cries because she thinks she's being real.

Kylie campaigns hard to stay in the competition; she wants a second chance to shine. Eureka pushes her to speak out and be loud. Jan tells Ginger that Scarlet got the harshest critique from RuPaul and she's shocked that Scarlet is lying about the truth.

During the voting, Trinity votes for Jan and Pandora votes for Scarlet.

The "lip-sync assassin" is Bianca Del Rio from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6. The queens are shocked because Bianca never had to lip-sync in her original season. Bianca is revealed to be a joke and not the assassin.

The real lip-sync assassin is Mayhem Miller from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10.

The lip-sync song is "Phone" by Lizzo. Both Mayhem and Ginger go for a comedy routine, but Ginger adds extra jokes and gets down on the phone. Ginger gives $2,500 to each of her teammates.

Ginger Minj wins the lip-sync. Her vote is revealed to be Scarlet Envy.

An hour later, Scarlet is invited to play the game-within-a-game.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

I’m gonna put Jan in the box. I love you, Jan. I think you’re a phenomenal entertainer, but you’ve been at the bottom twice.

Trinity K. Bonet

[In confessional] This is not the tea. It seems like Scarlet is in some way ignoring the fact that RuPaul, the person whose name is on the top billing of this program, literally said that Scarlet made her uncomfortable.