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When you watch Salem Season 2 Episode 1 online, you will discover who starts the witch war. It will surprise you, as you will not have an inkling of who it might be as we roll into Salem Season 2! Also, you will see Mary getting closer to her boy, one with no name. He, however, would choose to be named after his father if he could choose his own name. A new doctor is in town and he maneuvers through we woods with ease, literally pinpointing the start of the plague with amazing precision. Countess Marburg is also making her way to Salem. Find out all about it when you watch Salem online!!

Episode Details

On Salem Season 2 Episode 1, Salem's leading witch, Mary Sibley, faces both foreign and domestic challenges to her authority.

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Salem Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Mary: I wonder if you even remember.
Mercy: Remember what?
Mary: What it feels like to sleep with your head on a pillow instead of a corpse.

I will not be toyed with like this. They have to trust me. I am his mother.