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After having his ventilator removed, Charlie continues to breathe on his own. Alex hires an attorney to file an appeal regarding who should be responsible for Charlie's medical decisions while he's in a coma. The appeal is ultimately denied.

Alex treats a patient of Charlie's from four years prior and discovers that she was misdiagnosed. This leads Alex to question whether Shahir got Charlie's diagnosis wrong. Dawn decides to cancel the DNR in Charlie's file so that they can continue to find a way to heal him.

Gavin and Maggie discuss their kiss. Joel treats a patient who regains feeling in her legs two years after a car crash that left her paralyzed. Charlie helps a former colleague cross over.


Saving Hope
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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Charlie: I'm not ready.
Mack: Nobody's ready. That's the point.

Mack: I've done this before and I have an impeccable bedside manner.
Charlie: Done what?
Mack: Help people cross over. Charlie, I'm here to help you die.