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An airline passenger is brought into Hope Zion with flu-like symptoms. After he dies on the operating table, the hospital is quarantined due to the nature of his illness. Alex and Joel are quarantined together and Alex confronts Joel about their break-up several years prior.

Maggie and Gavin help a patient who has an obsession with numbers and Maggie realizes that Joel is a terrible boyfriend. Shahir, meanwhile, finally admits that he loves Victor when Victor contracts the mysterious illness.

Because of a new treatment, Charlie sees his deceased parents and remembers the events of the night they died. He had been in the car with them when they crashed. Charlie moves in his hospital bed but does not wake up.

Saving Hope
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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm ready. I'm pumped. Let's let the healing begin!


Joel: I want to be friends again. I'm sorry I made it weird.
Alex: Okay.
Joel: Okay? Stop avoiding me?