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Quinn Perkins' identity is revealed, as is Olivia's knowledge of Quinn's history. Quinn stands trial for the bombing of an office building and Pope and Associates attempt to find the actual bomber. They are unsuccessful.

A senator is filmed having sex in his office and seeks Olivia's help in managing the indiscretion.

The President and Mellie prepare for the arrival of their new baby and the President must decide whether or not to go to war with East Sudan.

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Scandal Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Abby: It makes no sense. Do you buy it?
Harrison: I question she's lying about her alibi, but I have a hard time buying her as some Unabomber freak who could mix Clorox and toothpaste and blow up half an office park. No offense, Huck.
Huck: None taken.

Quinn: I went home and my apartment was surrounded, cops and FBI agents taking out all my stuff. A woman standing outside told me that a girl who lived there blew up a building and killed seven people.
Harrison: If you were innocent, you could've just called a lawyer.
Abby: You did work with a bunch of them. Also, I hear they're in the phone book.