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Audrey is arrested at school and it immediately raises eyebrows when people think she is the killer. She asks Emma to help her by destroying an SD card. Emma breaks into her house and gets it and watches it with Noah. They are both horrified when they realize she wanted to make Nina pay after the video was uploaded. Emma questions what she should do next and her mother helps her by telling her more about Brandon James and that she does not think he is the killer. Emma then goes to the police and fabricates a lie which frees Audrey. Audrey reveals more about that night and says that Rachel stopped her from doing something stupid. 

Will gives Mayor Maddox back the money and the tape, and then Piper walks out having recorded the whole thing, but the two of them are shocked when the killer appears and strikes them both, but Will is dragged away while Piper is out of it on the floor. Will he survive, or is he the next victim?

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Scream Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Oh frack. We got the policia. We gotta get out of here.


How many times has coach told us not to lift without a spotter? Want a hand with that?