Beth: I can't let you do that, Deion. Or, should I say, Marcus?
Deion: Why are you doing this? What do you want?
Beth: You mean, besides exposing you all as total hypocrites? You're right. This isn't about you, Demarcus. It's about her. It's like I said from day one, you're the final girl.
Beth: Um, this is a gun, you idiot. Jay's gun to be specific. Lucky I got to it before the police did. Now drop that thing before I put another bullet in his head.
Deion: Liv, run.
Beth: Solid advice from your soon to be ex-boyfriend. A horror should never end without a chase.
Liv: Screw you. I'm not leaving him.
Deion: Hey, just go, please.
Liv: No. No.

Kym: Hey.
Beth: What do you want?
Kym: Cops talk to you about Amir?
Beth: Yeah, only all night.
Kym: If you want to talk about it, I understand what you're going through.
Beth: Then please, tell me. What am I going through?
Kym: Grief. Pain. You lost your dude just like I lost Manny.
Beth: You and Manny were best friends. I didn't even know him here.
Kym: Either way, Beth, the killer took a lot from us both. Speaking of, I've been thinking a lot about what Deion said last night about Liv.
Beth: About how she's Ghost Face?
Kym: And I was also thinking that maybe we should find our for sure. Investigate her, together.
Beth: Team up? Right that's a terrible idea.
Kym: Girl, we Riggs and Murtaugh.
Beth: What?
Kym: We just left the world of horror. Good riddance, by the way, and now, we buddy cops.

Beth: No sign of the killer.
Liv: Yet, I doubt that window was left open by accident.

Officer: Hey, your dad was able to talk a little bit before they took him back to surgery, and we completed a sketch right here of his account. Does this mean something to you?
[officer shows Liv Ghost Face image.]
Liv: I've never seen anything like it.

Liv: Earl's house. Isn't that your apartment?
Deion: No, it's not, but I ... I can't say what it is right now. I just gotta go.
Liv: Deion. Let me come with you.
Deion: No, you can't. Some stuff you just don't understand, okay?
Liv: Like what?
Deion: Ghost Face's victims, they're not dying because of what I did on Halloween night. They're dying because of what I did after. Because of my secret.
Liv: What do you mean? What secret?
Deion: Liv, you have no idea who I really am.
Liv: Of course I do.
Deion: No, you don't. Trust me.
Liv: Well, fine. If you're not Deion Elliot, who are you?
Deion: Think alright, you know my story. I let you closer than anybody else. So, you tell me, who's the only other person I could be?
Liv: Marcus.

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Jamal: If you're not playing games, then get over here. I wanna see your face.
[Ghost Face walks over.]
Jamal: Your real face. I deserve that much, don't I? Why are you doing this to me? Say something.
[Ghost Face shines camera light in his face.]

Deion: Hey, it's me. I can't believe Amir's gone, you know?
Liv: Me either. Not like I've had any time to process though, not with everything that's going on with my dad, too.
Deion: Is he okay?
Liv: They stopped the bleeding finally, but he's still unconscious.
Deion: He gonna make it?
Liv: They don't know yet. Where are you?
Deion: Still at this police station, answering questions. They just finally let me make a call.
Liv: You can't say anything to the police. Remember what Ghost Face told us? Snitches die.
Deion: Look, what did you tell the cops to get me caught up like this?
Liv: I said that I heard my dad was hurt, and that you were the one who told me. I wasn't trying to get you in trouble.
Deion: You don't think I had nothing to do with what happened to your dad, do you?
Liv: What about you? You didn't come right out and say it, but you think I'm the killer?
Deion: Liv I almost died tonight because of you. I got handcuffed and thrown into the back of a police car because of you. I've been getting grilled about something I had nothing to do with because of you. Look, killer or not, it don't matter. I just need you to do one thing for me.
Liv: What's that?
Deion: Never talk to me again.

Deion: What do you want?
Ghost Face: You already know. The same thing I've always wanted.
Deion: Man, screw you, Jay. Aight. I don't owe you nothing.
Ghost Face: Ironic isn't it that you're so sure you figured out who I am when all I've ever asked of you is that you do the same. That you own up to who you really are on the inside.
Deion: Look, I'm a coward. I've been a coward since the night I let my brother die, and I'm a coward today.
Ghost Face: Oh, you're going to have to go deeper than that. Or I will.
Deion: If you're really my brother, please stop doing this.
Ghost Face: It's too late for that. If you treated me like blood, we wouldn't be having this conversation, but we are, and you can't change the past.
Deion: Bitch, you think I don't know that?
Ghost Face: Focus on the task. You have a big game to play tomorrow. The only question is will you be playing or will you be playing my game? I promise you, you can only win one.

Don't worry, as long as your dad's in there. Nobody comes in or out without my say so. Liv, keep your chin up. We're pulling for him.


Beth: I thought I told you to stop trying?
Amir: Trying to do what?
Beth: Come on, we both know what you really want from me.

Amir: Did you hear about Shane?
Beth: What about him?
Liv just told me. He's dead. We're guessing Ghost Face got him.
Beth: Well, then I guess Mr. Fade got faded.

Amir: Hey.
Beth: It's Halloween. The one day a year you get to be anyone you want to be, and you chose to dress up as some meathead jock?
Amir: Of course not. Most jocks treat me like crap, but not Deion.
Beth: In my personal experience. The only person people ever look out for is themselves.
Amir: That's sad.
Beth: Not as sad as you going full-on stalker on Deion.
Amir: I'm not a stalker.
Beth: That's exactly what a stalker would say.

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